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OSWEET Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo

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A breakthrough product: Shampoo + conditioner + hair mask + scalp care + non-rinse essence in 1 product.

Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo holds National patent technology innovation: three-stage shampoo composition, a low-molecular-weight cationic protein hair conditioning cream.

Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo contains up to 40% of active ingredients such as:
- Hydrolized Sericin: increase hair’s flexibility and tensile strength, breathability and moisture permeability, slow release, etc., penetrates the scalp to promote collagen synthesis.

Mentholum: promote hair growth, stop hair loss, strengthen hair roots, and treat scalp infections.

Ryoku-cha Ekisu (Tea extract): anti-oxidants, improve the blood circulation of the scalp, helping your hair follicles to grow healthier hair, reduce hair loss.

Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo benefits:
– Moisturizing and conditioning hair
– Improve dry and damaged hair
– Deeply cleanse the scalp (remove 60% to 85% of impurities in the scalp)
– Deeply nourishing to the hair
– Restore hair’s health and elasticity
– Soften and smoothen hair
– Restore scalp's pH balance
– Prevent irritation on the scalp

Best for dry scalp. Suitable for all type of scalp. Safe for sensitive skin.

    OSWEET Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo
    OSWEET Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo
    OSWEET Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo
    OSWEET Total Care 5-in-1 Shampoo